WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields 1.15.1

Version: v1.15.1
Update Date: June 29, 2021



WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields is one of Woothemes’ WooCommerce Extensions. WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields enables you and your team to utilise WooCommerce as a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management system, with order information consolidated directly in your WooCommerce dashboard.


  • From the admin Orders Dashboard, create order details to add or update.
  • Order details should be centralised and easily editable by all team members.
  • Orders can be sorted or filtered depending on custom order data.
  • Customers can see order fields and information if you want them to.
  • Remove the need for spreadsheets or other third-party systems to keep track of order notes and information.
  • By centralizing everything in WooCommerce, you can streamline your CRM system.

WooCommerce Admin Custom Order Fields may be downloaded here. You’ll get the file that you’d get from the original creator. You may save up to 99 percent of your money while remaining virus-free.



Additional Details

📄 License Type: GPL


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