WooCommerce Catalog Mode 2.0.1

Version: v2.0.1
Update Date: June 28, 2021



Codecanyon distributes WooCommerce Catalog Mode, a woocommerce plugin. You may use WooCommerce Catalog Mode to convert your WooCommerce store to a Catalog View Mode.

Features :

  • You can quickly switch from Shop to Catalog mode.
  • You can choose whether or not to keep the Price Tag.
  • Support for custom buttons.
  • Support for custom links.
  • Customization options for buttons.
  • Option for a mode switcher

WooCommerce Catalog Mode is now available for download. You’ll get the file that you’d get from the original creator. You may save up to 99 percent of your money while remaining virus-free.



Additional Details

📄 License Type: GPL


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