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WooTrade The synchronisation between your WooCommerce shop and your free Google Analytics account is subject to Google Analytics turbo charges. Learn more about traffic and eCommerce activities in your shop so that you can increase your sales and generate more income. WooCommerce applies automated event monitoring to your WooCommerce shop and seamlessly transforms these events into Google Analytics, which allows you to quickly understand vital metrics such as average order value, convertible rates, product or segment revenue, and other useful details. You can now choose your case names (if you don’t want the default ones) after you have installed WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro, make sure your GA accounts are available to monitor your increased eCommerce, and you are ready for it.

The plugin tracks all relevant incidents and sends them to Google Analytics so that you can quickly view your revenue and useful shop metrics. In WooCommerce, you can log items such as a “viewed account” or a “applied coupon” to get a full view of what our consumers do on your website. In your workflow, such as showing coupon data for orders and converting prices with vouchers, you can even keep track of these activities. It is very easy to use.

Detailed Description

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro applies automated monitoring to your WooCommerce shop and moves these activities seamlessly through Google Analytics, so that you can quickly get information on major parts such as total purchase price, the exchange rate, product revenue or segment and more. You can choosing case names (if you don’t like the defaults) after you have configured WooCommerce , ensure you allow improved eCommerce monitoring to go to your GA account and are ready to go! The plugin tracks and sends Google Analytics with all relevant events to allow you to view your sales data and useful store metrics quickly.

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