WooCommerce Memberships WordPress Theme

Version: v1.22.5
Update Date: September 17, 2021



Memberships allow you to build a whole scheme of membership effortlessly attached to your shop. Your material can be exclusive to users, but it may also be “dropped” over time as members have access. Sell membership access, provide commodity sales memberships, manually grant memberships and fully incorporate membership benefits into your storage company. Membership is not a certain kind of WooCommerce offering, rather it is autonomous of the goods that membership plans are created. This allows you to decide if maximum versatility is available. You put a lot of effort into the content of your members only, so Memberships allow you to plan on how your members can access it. You can drip content, meaning you can plan for accessing the content for members. For example, before consumers view those posts or pages for a week, they can need a membership.

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