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This nicely detailed small extension allows you to set minimum/maximum limits, and to limit the numbers of products you can buy by multiple/group number per commodity (including variations). WooCommerce Min Max Quantities plugin enables you to place restrictions on inventory expenses in orders and categories and limits on product quantity, product combinations, order items and group products. You may add products and combinations of products to the community. There are endless classes. The genius features allow you to keep your consumers from buying an item if you do not comply with the product quantity and price conditions.

WooCommerce Min Max Quantities is the easiest extension for WooCommerce to construct special products quantity and price offers. Using this plug-in, you can set the minimum and maximum allowed amount of product and/or price a consumer can buy. With its quick to understand functionality, Min Max Quantities for WooCommerce stands out. You should establish a global rule for each product in your shop. In addition, specific rules for a particular product may be created. In addition, set with only a few clicks a minimum and maximum range for the complete cart (price). Worldwide, the global principles apply. The items from your shop are included by default. The alternative Ignore Global Min/Max Rules is to remove an individual commodity or to set a custom rule from the global rule. In addition, the cart can also be targeted and the parameters can be set. This forces the customers to buy the total amount you want.

For example, where a commodity has a minimum and maximum quantity, consumers cannot see if they are trying to buy a quantity lower than the minimum or greater than the maximum quantity they have set. You may also set for the commodity price a minimum and maximum range. Finally, all requirements for good checkout must be passed by consumers.

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