WooCommerce Order Status Manager 1.13.2

Version: v1.13.2
Update Date: July 2, 2021



WooCommerce Order Status Manager is a WooCommerce extension that Woothemes is developing. You may create, change and remove custom order status from WooCommerce Order Manager and incorporate it into your WooCommerce order management flow.

Features :

  • Establish status of new order.
  • Show the descriptions of order status in the order view page.
  • Core status editing WooCommerce.
  • The state of drag and drop commands.
  • Use “Next Statuses” to build a smooth process of accomplishment and to add order.
  • Add new status bulk actions.
  • Include orders in shop reports with custom status.
  • Add new emails to order.
  • Change fresh contents of email.
  • Import from custom code existing custom statuses.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager is available for download. You obtain the file from the original creator. You receive it. You may save up to 99% and 100% viruses free of charge.



Additional Details

📄 License Type: GPL


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