WooCommerce Payment Gateway Based Fees 3.2.3

Version: v3.2.3
Update Date: July 2, 2021



WooCommerce Payment Gateway Fees is the WooCommerce extension that Woothemes is developing. WooCommerce Payment Gateway Based Fees allows you to apply an order charge depending on the payment gateway you have chosen.

In addition to being modified by the Shop Administrator on an order, the fee can automatically be calculated on the price of some goods in a cart or cart total.


  • Enable/Disable extra fees for the whole site without data deletion.
  • Deactivate/deactivate extra costs for a particular gateway or product.
  • Automatic charging of each gateway or product.
  • Change the charge on the order page that is automatically calculated.
  • Option to add an order fee manually, after the checkout has been completed.
  • You can add an order fee manually on the administrative page.
  • Set the maximum limit to which a cart level charge is added.
  • Set a maximum limit to which a product charge is applied.
  • For extra charges, tax computation.
  • Three ways of computation.

The WooCommerce Payment Gateway Based Fees are available for download. You obtain the file from the original creator. You receive it. You may save up to 99% and 100% viruses free of charge.



Additional Details

📄 License Type: GPL


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