WooCommerce Per Product Shipping 2.3.13

Version: v2.3.15
Update Date: August 20, 2021



WooCommerce Per Product Shipping is one of the WooCommerce Extensions created by Woothemes. WooCommerce Per Product Shipping enables you to specify various shipping charges for items dependent on the location of the consumer. Costs can be added to other shipping options or used on their own.


  • Define the line and per-item expenses for each product.
  • Define line and item expenses for each variant.
  • Costs vary based on the location.
  • Rates of import and export through CSV.
  • And there are many more. More features may be found on the official website.

WooCommerce Per Product Shipping may be downloaded here. You will receive the file that you would have downloaded from the original author. You may save up to 99 percent of your money and be virus-free.



Additional Details

📄 License Type: GPL


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