WooCommerce Pre Orders 1.5.30

Version: v1.5.30
Update Date: July 1, 2021



WooCommerce Pre Orders is one of the WooCommerce Extensions created by Woothemes. WooCommerce Pre Orders allows you to receive pre-purchase orders for your woocommerce business.

Features :

  • Set an optional release date and time for the product.
  • Charge orders automatically as the product becomes available.
  • Change the release date of a product that has been pre-ordered.
  • Send an email to all consumers who have pre-ordered a product.
  • If the product is no longer available, cancel pre-orders.
  • Use a custom “pre-order” order status to filter your pre-orders.
  • Works with items that are both basic and variable.
  • You can optionally charge a fee for pre-orders.
  • For pre-orders, customise the Add to Cart/Place Order buttons.

WooCommerce Pre Orders may be downloaded here. You will receive the file that you would have downloaded from the original author. You may save up to 99 percent of your money and be virus-free.



Additional Details

📄 License Type: GPL


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