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Rich search results snippets have been developed to provide users with more detail. Google has always been interested in the user experience. So rich snippets give you more details and either respond to your question or give you a better idea of a search outcome. There has been much debate and experimentation about whether standardised data impacts rankings. No definitive proof to date is available that this markup enhances rankings. But some indicators show that search results would have a stronger click rate for more detailed, rich snippets (like those created with the Schema). John Mueller states that standardised information allows a web page to properly classify its material just as normal content helps a page to rate. The search engine optimization facilitates the understanding of what the website is all about for a search engine. Structured data is an excellent way to tell you which goods are available for sale, where a company sells a good, what operating hours is, how many people a product has been tested, etc. Structured data make it possible to share key product, company and web page information.

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