WooCommerce Skrill Payment Gateway 1.7.1

Version: v1.7.1
Update Date: July 3, 2021



The WooCommerce Skrill Payment Gateway has been developed by Woothemes as a WooCommerce Extensions. Allow your company to take money via the skrill Gateway, using WooCommerce Skrill Payment Gateway.

Skrill offers over 40 currencies the greatest online cash support for 200 countries, allowing you to take more than 100 local payments, credit cards and bank transfers.

Features :

  • You don’t have to ssl.
  • Skrill’s secure servers offer maximum security.
  • 40 currencies support.
  • Defense of fraud.
  • All Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diskover, Diner’s, JCB credit/debit cards are accepted.

Download the Skrill Payment Gateway from WooCommerce. You will get the file from the original Author that you want to download. You may save up to 99% and 100% infections free of charge.



Additional Details

📄 License Type: GPL


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