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Update Date: April 26, 2021



Wordfence Security Firewall Scan provides a firewall endpoint and malware scanner installed from the ground to guard WordPress. With new firewall laws, ransomware and malicious IP addresses, our Threat Defense Feed Wordfence weapons keep your website secure. Wordfence is the largest WordPress authentication solution, complemented by 2 FA and a suite of additional features. Firewall Web Application detects the malicious traffic and blocks them. The WordPress Security is 100 percent built and managed by a huge team. Firewall rule and updates for malware signature via Threat Defense Feed in real time.

Real-time IP Blocklist blocks all IP calls, protects the site thus load reduction. Protects the website at the end, allowing deep WordPress incorporation. Unlike cloud substitutes, the encryption would not fail, cannot be circumvented and data cannot be leaked. Integrated Malware Scanner blocks malicious code or content requests. Protection from attacks by brute force by restricting login efforts. Malware scanners search malware malware, poor URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, unauthorized redirects and code injections for key scripts, subjects and plugins. Updates to the signature of actual malware via the defense feed in real time.

Compared and review the integrity of your main folders, topics and plugins with the archive, disclosing any updates. Repares files that have been modified by pristine, initial edition overwriting them. Delete any files inside the Wordfence Security Firewall Scan interface that are not easy to use. Monitor the platform for identified bugs to protection and notify you about any problems. Alarms you even when a plugin is closed or dropped for possible security problems. Check the content protection by searching for harmful user URLs and malicious content in file content, posts and comments. Check whether you block your site or IP for malicious activity, spam generation or otherwise security issue.


  • Leaked Password Protection
  • Live Traffic
  • Advanced Manual Blocking
  • Country Blocking
  • Repair Files

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