WP Guard – Security, Firewall & Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin

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Update Date: April 12, 2021



WP Guard is a popular plugin to protect the website from malware, assaults and other dangers. It protects your Web site from SQLi attacks, XSS volatility, Proxy visitors, TOR visitors, spam, viruses and many other forms of threats. It protects you from SQLi injection. In the WP Guard, all existing hacker attacks as well as new unknown threats with the use of code recognition, are identified and acted automatically with intelligent algorithms (similar to those used by major industries). It is also combined with a ban system which can bans its visitors (IP addresses), Countries, IP ranges, ISPs, internet service providers (ISP), browsers, Operating Systems (OS) and referrers. WP Guard can be specifically integrated with the WordPress. It has a lot of functionality and settings for WP Guard. The protection of your website can easily be handled with its assistance.

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