Forever - Endless Runner Engine

Forever – Endless Runner Engine (Review)

A user-friendly, adaptable approach for creating linear, procedural levels. Forever is perfect for endless runner games, procedural racing games, and other similar applications. This is a remarkable piece of work, given that it bends meshes to build levels on the fly. Although creating your own meshes for level parts is time-consuming (most people will simply

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The Otaku Photoshop Plugin

The Otaku Photoshop Plugin v1.3 (FREE)

The Otaku Photoshop Plugin which helps you turn your photo in only a few clicks and minutes into contemporary Chinese Artwork. You may better your work and utilize your work in a multi-niche such as social media, album cover, posters and printing works by using the current UI design plugin panel and strong action-script approaches.

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Arcade Car Controller Multiplayer

Arcade Car Controller Multiplayer (Review)

Arcade Car Controller Multiplayer, a multiplayer component with arcade car mechanics. The asset includes two regimes with extremely distinct driving styles you can easily switch between or build new regimes. The defaults are an excellent starting point for a variety of automobile kinds and regimens (race or drift). The controls are solid and provide a

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Low Poly Vegetation

Low Poly Vegetation Kit (Review)

The Low Poly Vegetation is a full 3D environment kit that allows you to construct a Low Poly Vegetation setting. Performance has been optimized so that you may build hundreds of models. For models in the distance, models automatically use lesser detail levels. However, even for a low poly pack, several of the textures appear

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Stylized Low Poly Vegetation

Stylized Low Poly Vegetation Pack (Review)

Stylized Low Poly Vegetation collection comprising 3D models for creating a Stylized Vegetation game. The models are extremely lovely, but they require unique modifications for each tree, and the leaves mesh and tree mesh are distinct, so you’d have to bring them to an external editor to merge them if you wanted to use terrain

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Low Poly Medieval Kit

Low Poly Medieval Kit (Review)

Low Poly Medieval Kit containing 3D models for making a Medieval inspired low poly game. A massive number of high-quality assets at an affordable price for single creators/developers! One of the few medieval packs that contains a forge and anvil, as well as a wide range of dwellings. I wholeheartedly endorse it. Low Poly Medieval

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