low poly interior

Andrei Hurchankou – Unity Low Poly Asset Developer Review

There is a low poly city, interior, and a lot of assets! They are designed in the form of a function Object, which you can simply assemble and complete, constructing cities/homes, so you can see how to create it or use ready-made. The developer is really helpful, and the assets are incredible. All of the

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Low Poly Interior 4 (Review)

480 unique items! 670k triangles complete set. The entire collection uses a single texture (1024/512/256/128px) and a single material. In gaming, rendering and advertising it is utilized. This is WoW asset. It is very useful for me and amazing low poly interior 4 asset. This set includes 480 unique objects, including cupboards, beds, sofas, bedside

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Low Poly Interior

Low Poly Interior 1 (Review)

This is one of the best asset for my game. Cabinets, mattresses, couches, bedside tables, chairs, musical instruments, tables, plants, paintings, kitchen appliances, refrigerators, gas stoves, interior appliances, domestic appliances, you can design any room or apartment with this set. Used in video games, graphics, and advertising. For the entire collection, one texture (1024/512/256/128px) and

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