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Urban Toon Cars Bundle (Vol. 1 & 2) (Review)

This set includes 29 beautifully created and textured metropolitan city automobiles to help you get started on your gaming project! Whether you require the services of the fire department, the police, an ambulance, a cab, building work, or even a long limousine. This collection has you covered. 5 muscle cars, 4 hatchbacks, 3 buses, 3

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Forest Stage Pack (Review)

A forest stage bundle with a low poly approach for building landscapes. Can be used to create an atmosphere which is ideal for mobile platforms. Hand painted landscape textures are included to fit the low poly aesthetic. It comes with a shader for mixing terrain textures. (5 channel texture blending/only built-in RP supported.) Using a

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Polycraft fishing-keygenie.in

Polycraft – Fishing (Review)

This is a low-poly art collection to get you started with your fishing game. A fishing rod, bait, float, hook, fish, and angler are included. Make your fishing grounds unique by adding landscape blocks, cartoon water, modular cottages, and environment accessories. The package employs a standard/mobile shader that will make use of the Unity render

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Low poly terrain-keygenie.in

Low Poly Terrain – Mesa (Review)

This package contains a modular terrain that may be used in the game to build cliff landscapes. It is helpful for tiny islands, arenas, and stadiums, among other things. It includes demo scenes with a 50M arena and a 100M landscape, as seen in the teaser film. It is simple to construct using drag and

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Mini Modular Character | Females (Review)

This low poly style character is excellent for building your game and comes with a variety of accessories and styles to allow you to personalise the character exactly as you want. This component is incredibly lightweight and may be used in both computer and mobile games. The texture file has been optimized, and you may

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City 3d Low Poly 15 Private Houses (Review)

There are one hundred different things in this collection! The entire collection of 300,000 triangles is available for download. Includes 28 structures, 26 automobiles, a stadium, parks, scenery, props, and more. The set includes everything you’ll need to build any city you choose! Used in video games, rendering, and advertising, among other things. The entire

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