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Stylized Customizable Cars (post apo v6 Review)

Stylized Customizable Cars bundle for Anyone who enjoys creating games with Brutal Cars for Mobile or PC platforms and values content quality. This is a fantastic component for my project. The developer is really supportive. This bundle contains over 100 pieces to let you easily create your own game with customizable automobiles for the PC

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Low Poly Asset Bundle (Review)

Just Creates Low Poly Asset Bundle includes 12 Low Poly Asset Packs with over 2600 prefabs. This Bundle will include all new Low Poly series elements! This is the mind blowing bundle. Assets are outstanding. I highly recommend this fabulous bundle. 1. Cartoon Low Poly City Pack This bundle contains 126 distinct low poly prefabs

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Low Poly Terrain – Mesa (Review)

This package contains a modular terrain that may be used in the game to build cliff landscapes. It is helpful for tiny islands, arenas, and stadiums, among other things. It includes demo scenes with a 50M arena and a 100M landscape, as seen in the teaser film. It is simple to construct using drag and

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Low Poly Islands Constructor (Review)

If you wish to make an island-themed game, this bundle will come in handy! Any island you want: small, large, or in between. You may even place miniature settlements and woods. With this pack, you can quickly improve and beautify your prototype. If you wish to make an island-themed game, this bundle will come in

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Mini Modular Character | Females (Review)

This low poly style character is excellent for building your game and comes with a variety of accessories and styles to allow you to personalise the character exactly as you want. This component is incredibly lightweight and may be used in both computer and mobile games. The texture file has been optimized, and you may

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Intelligent Pedestrian System (Review)

IPS is an artificial intelligence system that can operate numerous humanoid actors in a game environment. In the game world, you have control over hundreds of humans. Unity’s default render pipeline is the Built-in Render Pipeline. It is a general-purpose render pipeline with few modification possibilities. The Universal Render Pipeline (URP) is a Scriptable Render

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